Friday, July 20, 2012

Messy Bun Pigtails

My dad's favorite hair-do when I was a kid was pigtails, but he called them
(He had a nickname for everything).

I had 5 sisters, and all of us had long hair. (Which he insisted on). But sometimes my mom would get out the scissors hoping to try a new shorter look and 
my parents argument was always the same.

My Dad -- "Jill, you're not planning to cut any of the girls' hair, are you?"
My Mom -- "She just needs a trim. Trimming it is fine, dear."
My Dad -- "Will it still be long enough for wiggies?"
My Mom -- "Hers won't, but the other girls' will."
My Dad -- "Then your other husband's ears will be fine, but I'm getting mine pierced. 
I hope you like diamond studs."

My dad never pierced his ears, despite my mom cutting our hair short a time or two. But I've taken on his love of pigtails. And this is such a simple way to dress them up with the twists in the front (great for growing out bangs), and the turned up messy buns. 

And with your hair up, it can show off diamond studs.


  1. You guys come up with the cutest pigtail ideas. I love 'em.

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