Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to do a -- Dutch Braid

"Did you watch The Vow?"
"I did.
That guy is so cute."
"I thought they should've cast the guy from Bridge To Terabithia instead."
"Me too."
This is how most of the conversations go between me and my friends when we're riding in the car, driving through the middle of nowhere. This time we were on our way camping and had to exit the freeway for the "death route" (or so it's called). Now I'm not afraid of heights, but when I looked down the side of a cliff just at the road's edge, I could feel that my stomach was afraid, even if my mind wasn't.

I had to start styling hair to distract myself. At the time I could do a regular french braid, but the inside-out braid had always tripped me up. But I had hours to perfect it. It was either that, or watch the road!
Now whenever someone asks me how I learned to dutch braid, I just say "it's a long story."